Julia Solano

Strategic Communications
Julia Solano is an Exploration & Future Sensing Fellow focused on identifying new signals and trends in society; acting on them to test novel funding structures that support diverse entrepreneurs, community leaders, and activists; and reframing the future of our relationship with hyperconnected technology.
Prior to joining Omidyar Network, Julia co-founded Humanitas.ai, whose video social mobile app Dandi supports youth in collaboratively creating social initiatives that address needs in their local communities. In this role, she oversaw design, branding, and launch across high schools, universities, and nonprofits in the Middle East.Julia’s other prior experience involves supporting nonprofits, organizations, and startups with UX design and strategy (with focus on AI), HCD research, immersive and interdisciplinary storytelling and marketing, and sustainable design / build. She has designed and built bamboo and earth stages, pavilions, and indigenous ritual spaces in Thailand, Ghana, Colombia, and the US.
Julia received her BA in Design through Engineering and Architecture from UC Berkeley with concentrations in Human-Centered Design and Entrepreneurship.